Pirelli Bayim İnternette Project

 Start: 2014         Industry: Tire          Latest Update: 2015          Sample Dealer: www.fnboto.com

Pirelli Bayim İnternette project began in 2014 Dealer websites have been created according to a design compatible with the Pirelli corporate identity. Domain name, hosting and email infrastructure services were provided for all dealers as part of the project. SEO arrangements were implemented for each Pirelli dealer with the appropriate region and industry keywords. Thanks to these efforts, the availability of the dealer websites was enabled and the relevant addresses appeared at the top of search engine results.

As part of the project, Pirelli dealers were provided with the rights to publish and update company-specific fields such as logo, news, announcements and galleries. Smartnet updates the pages used commonly by the dealers (campaigns, products, news, etc.) from a single point rapidly through the use of the Bayim İnternette Central Management Panel.

The update and technical support needs of the dealers are met through the Dealer Management Panel or by the Smartnet team.